Play BIG… Stop playing small

Stop playing small. Simply Stop it. Don’t shrink and disappear from who you promised yourself you would be as a child. It is still possible. YOU are possible. You, as you intended to be is possible.
It’s a new world. Wake up this morning as a new creature and Don’t look back. Leave the land of ‘people-pleasing’ and insecurity behind. Don’t look back … even if it sounds like your greatest fear and your past is catching up with you, keep going. Fears Don’t have feet they can only move when you empower them with your thoughts. They are the cancers of the mind so they can’t exist in an alkaline environment. (See alkaline here as peaceful). Be at peace with yourself. We have been taught wrong. We have been taught that somehow our fears save us from danger and failure when all they really do is attract it. Fears are acidic to your body, being and soul.
Don’t run away from your truths. Don’t hide away from the greatness inside of you. Not one of us grew up as a child thinking “I want to be the smallest, most insignificant person on the Earth.” Life is about expansion and growth. We are meant to grow and shine. So do it.
Do whats in your heart because it’s the only thing that keeps hour heart healthy. Let me say it again. STOP- PLAYING- SMALL. There is nothing that can stop you from becoming something much bigger and greater than you are now: not your age nor your sex nor your sexuality nor your ‘class’ nor your school nor your family. None of that is a limitation unless you make it so. Anything that anyone has ever done is possible for you… and more. As Marcus Garvey put it: “What man has done, man can do.”
Don’t become a victim of your own small thinking- born of your fears – and then blame the society and your age and your life experience.
Stop putting the cart before the horse and expecting the poor horse to pull from behind.
Stop fearfully living into concepts that disempower you. “Chicken merry hawk deh (is) near.” Kill the damn hawk and move on. You ain’t no chicken my friend. If the saying offends you chop it off. Don’t claim and own and live into what does a disservice to your life and livity.
Stop living and doing things from the fear. Live and operate from up front. Lead from in front. Lead YOUR life from up front. Don’t be a backseat driver in your own life or space of work or play. Keep Your heart pure. Do things with the right intentions. “Do it fi di love we nuh do it fi di likes…” (As Chronixx clearly sings it for us). Stop holding back and stepping back so that small minded people won’t feel fearful. Small minded people will be fearful no matter what you do or don’t do.
Become a presence. People will love that presence if YOU Love your presence. Don’t be a shadow. Who looks at their shadow as they walk… only children. Look to your light. Look to YOUR light and others will see it too and be inspired. Shadow boxing is not a real pasttime. It’s a waste of time. If you are training yourself to show up for something, train yourself to show up for YOU first. If you dont show up for yourself you will be a weak force while showing up for others. So even when you do show up you will be forgotten, or your contribution dismissed – even when it is great. Show up for you.
All this is not easy. Growth is not always effortless and easy. But it’s more painful to stay small. All it takes is that first decision. Make it today. Make it now step into your greatness. Act the part. Become the part. And don’t ever look back.

MW AH Michael Holgate