Empowerment Real-LivityThe Empowerment Reality TV RE-VIEW.

Forget the regular programming of your regular Reality TV for now. Here’s why…
1. It’s scripted anyway. That means someone is painting a picture for you of how things should be. It’s never a good idea to have someone else painting your dreams.
2. Even the parts that are real…( lets say natural) are not natural to you. It’s someone else’s reality and they are so far removed from you that all you are doing is contributing your emotional energy; intellectual energy; reasoning powers; talents; money; wisdom- to someone who probably doesn’t know you exist.

In other words, you are invested in someone else’s reality. Try this on for size. Mind your own business. I mean this in the most loving way you can imagine. MIND your own business. Tend to the garden of YOUR mind.

Challenge YOUR reality.

For 100 days you have signed up to have your reality challenged by your own inner spirit guide. I’m your host for this journey. Today’s mission, should you choose to accept it, Is
1. Get a diary or journal of some sort that has never been written in.
2. At the top write in bold:
MY EMPOWERMENT REALITY – Or Real-Livity (if you prefer)
3. Below it, write Isaiah 46:10.
4. Find the verse in the bible or online and write it out. (It’s short).
5. Write out ten magical things that you want to happen between the next 100 days and next year this time. They are your things and remember I said magical. They don’t have to be financially viable things or feasible or likely. They don’t even have to be possible in a one year span. Just write these things down in a list. TEN. (Don’t do 8 or 3. That’s not the mission. Don’t do 11. The mission is 10). Spend some time today thinking about those ten things. Look at them every now and again. Revise them if you feel so inclined. Don’t let reality intrude on your dreams. Complete the list today.

Michael Holgate