Fear free and loving it…

How would you operate… how would you present yourself…how would you act…how would you perform…how would you live IF YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY FEARLESS? What reason do you have for NOT being FEARLESS? What good reason could there ever be for spending your life focusing on what is not working?

What bullshit reason have you accepted as the reason for consistently dwelling on what you DON’T WANT, expecting that it will help you get what you do want? In which universe does daily practicing one specific activity strengthen you in a totally opposite activity. For example, how would strong research and practice of swimming techniques make you a better farmer? To be more specific, how does a strong practice of negativity, doubt and fearfulness make you happier, wiser or more fulfilled (no I couldn’t just say fear). Better yet, how does it make the person you focus such negative attention on better, happier or more fulfilled.

Negative affection is almost a standard operating procedure in most human relationships. It is so much easier to flip around a good statement and say its opposite (in pure fun) because saying what is nice and good often embarrasses us. It is so much easier to give a backhanded compliment than a direct one. It is so much more common to have people dwell on perceived flaws in themselves and project it on to others than to search their souls for the goodness in themselves and strengthen it through observation and practice….and then project that.

Ironically, the things we don’t want in our lives are often more familiar to us than the things we do want, because we have dwelled so much on them. We dwell on them and live them. The distinguished Philosopher and researcher of the human condition, Bob Marley says: “If you get down and quarrel everyday, you’re saying prayers to the devil I say.” The same must hold through to quarreling with yourself…no? Or what about daily searching for the worst in yourself or others to observe and/or comment on…? Prayers to the devil? Or just “That’s just how I am…” If you want rain, why would you pray for sunshine? If your neighbor needs sugar, why bring him salt? And if she needs salt, why bring her dirt?

The act of practicing what does not serve us is not what gets results. You get results in spite of that. Don’t be fooled and don’t fool yourself. The desire of the universe and everything in it towards expansion is what keeps pulling you forward, not the contracting thoughts and energies you perpetuate by focusing on deficiencies in you and others. If you could just be fearless, what could life be like for you? If you could just be even a little more fearless…. If you could just choose to not dwell anymore in the discomfort of fear and negativity, what would shift in your world?

Not everything that is comfortable is good for you or real ‘pleasure.’ Sometimes you have been locked into what’s ‘not working’ for so long that it feels more familiar and… more ‘confortable’ than what’s good for you. Likewise, not everything that causes a feeling of discomfort is bad for you. Sometimes it’s simply the fear of shifting your life out of the ‘same old same old’ paradigm of a familiar pain that makes fear,negativity and a bad state seem less threatening than the Unknown. Sometimes your conscious or subconscious rejection of what is good is just the only possible end result of a life spent in rejecting and denying the good in yourself and others. MW AH Michael Holgate