Fearlessness Inspires Expansion

Fearlessness inspires expansion. You can create this Fearlessness as a matter of course and daily expansion when you just focus on the first step or the next step. Most of us get caught up in trying to deliver a mountain to the world before even two small stones have been set upon each other. Just take the first step…then the next step… and keep on moving. Indeed it is always best to see the completion and the full realization of the goal right from the start- but don’t try to accomplish the end product right from the start. That is what breeds fear. The act of working out how you are going to get it done and make it happen will undoubtedly fill you with a sense of dread and maybe even terror at the enormity of the task. So don’t do that to yourself. Practice instead the art of Fearlessness and ‘Fearless creation.’ This art has some basic steps and principles:

  1. Visualize or see the goal or dream you want, at as high a level of mental clarity as possible. Be increasingly clear about what you want to experience as your end result and most importantly how it will make you feel when you are there. Ironically, when you can truly accomplish this first step, you are already 90% there. However, it is not something that happens right away and so you may have to keep on using your imagination until to set in motion the perfect triggers for this feeling response to an image you can see in your mind.
  2. Take the first action step. There is no fear in the first step. The first step is almost always a physical refinement of the mental image you have set in place. It might simply be to write down your plan or start taking a class or sign up for something… That’s all. Just take the first step. There is no fear there and in fact this step will fill you with an energy of excitement that propels you forward.
  3. Take the next step…daily. your first step will lead you to contemplate another step. And when you take it you will begin to sense another step waiting for you that is possible without fear. There will come a time when you encounter a step that is more than just a step and more like a leap…but the practice of the steps before will have prepared you for it. Then take it.

Throughout this journey of ‘fearless creation’ you will discover that there are moments where tension arise, or a tightness in your chest about a decision or an uncertainty about an outcome. FEAR is not one of these things. It is all of these things compiled. Fear is a complex disease that is physical and emotional. It is a mental paralysis that acts as a terrorist attacking your inner world. It is not physical. It is always an internal reaction to something.

A frightened response to something physical that ‘has happened’ can push you into action. It can even pump adrenaline into your system and cause you to do remarkable feats. That is not what I am calling fear. Fear is paralysis. It is the reaction you have to something that has ‘NOT happened.’ It is that constricting and paralyzing reaction you have to the mountains you want to climb, when there is nothing wrong with your legs and the first step at the foot of the mountain is still possible.

Finally, make time your friend by focusing in expansion not age. If you do you will help to cancel much of the environment that breeds fear. Much of our time is spent in nightmare territory as opposed to dreamland because we keep thinking that we have not done it yet…and time is catching up with us. Children hunger to be teenagers for the freedom (although they discount the responsibilities that come with it). Likewise adolescents hunger to be adults for the freedom. People hunger to accomplish great things before their age ‘comes off the calendar” at 30 or 31. Then after that people fret that they haven’t done it yet and the world is watching and judging. Your world and your life is about expansion. Fear of time is a contraction. Be ok with getting there when you get there. And you will be surprised how much easier you can get there and how much happier getting there makes you feel. MW AH Michael Holgate