Good Enough is not ENOUGH

Sometimes you feel comfortable with something that’s good enough. And then it fails … as a reminder that good enough is never enough. Certainly not good enough for you. And sometimes what’s great on its own is only ok in your Experience- that’s still not good enough for you. Good enough is never enough if you are on a path of excellence.

When you choose ‘good enough’ over excellence; 
When you choose ‘good enough’ over the divine plan that called you into being; 
When you choose ‘good enough’ over the passion that would satisfy you- you claim disempowerment as if it was your birthright. It is not.

And don’t pretend you don’t know what is just ‘good enough.’ You know it. You know it because your life is always and forever calling you to expand and you know when you are contracting or standing still. Life is forever pulling you towards fulfillment and you know what an unfulfilled state feels like. Life is forever pulling you upwards and you know when it’s a struggle to climb as opposed to being and feeling lifted.

Lets Get Lifted

Why not be like Jacob OF THE Bible- stay at the foot of that ladder and wrestle with the angel until you are blessed. The angel is a messenger who appeared to Jacob as in a dream, showing him many interesting and powerful things. So Jacob really wrestled with his thoughts and feelings and ideas till he felt more than ‘good enough’ to go up that ladder of life. Some of us see the ladder and think it’s just a dream and when the angel comes we hide in fear because we would rather confront others out there and blame them than confront ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.

Nobody out there is responsible for your actions or reactions. People can be triggers of course but not every trigger has the same effect on everyone. One trigger can push me down while pulling you up. It’s a decision. It is about empowerment. Decide where you are going and choose to see everything on that path as being in support of the end result. Matters not how it looks right now. The circumstances don’t matter. See every obstacle in the way as your personal invitation to help you be ready to accomplish your end result. And you cannot fake being ready and get the results you seek . You cannot pretend being ready and get the results you seek. You are either ready or you are not. And you know you are ready because you can feel it and that half step of doubt or fear no longer comes to tell you that you are not good enough.

You know you are ready when it is done. Until then enjoy your various states on the path to readiness because if you focus on negative emotions you are making yourself unready. The operative word here is FOCUS. Negative emotions will come. Use them as sign posts then head in the direction you want to go. Get ready from the mind space that you are better than ‘good enough’ you are ENOUGH… more than. MW AH Michael Holgate