Planting a seed – a poem

ANAfter planting a seed

don’t water with need.

You always HAVE…

Don’t cultivate greed

Greed is the soil called

Never enough

Stop tilling your life

As a shadow





Anxious if sun comes


Greed is more

than wanting more

Life is a soil of expansion

Settling for less

Is greed for distress

Cause humble can live

In a mansion

Settling is bad soil



Growth comes from

Trusting more

Day by day

Whenever you want what you think you don’t have

you stand in the way

Of prosperity

The true gift

Of living your life

To the full

Is faith

Don’t dwell On adversity

The weeds that you water

Sprout more of the same

You can’t nurture fear

And grow love

Doubt brings destruction

Lies don’t bring truth

The tree of your life

Is first formed in the root

MW AH Michael Holgate