The Price of Your Dreams

Everything has a price. Everything has a cost. I’m not being cynical or mercenary here, or suggesting that everyone can be bought. Not at all. I’m saying that everything that goes into the creation of a thing is the price or cost of that thing. The monetary figure attributed to the value of a thing is not its real cost. The real cost is the non-physical work that made it happen. Every man made thing that exists, came into being because a mind conceived of it. The mind that conceives a thing has paid a price for that thing through MIND PROCESSES- thought and emotion. The real cost of a thing achieved is based on 2 things:

  1. What you can believe is possible.
  2. What you can accept is possible for you.

But getting to the place of believing and accepting is what sometimes beats us. We are often locked into prisons of unworthiness and self-sabotage. If you want to shift up and shift out of that non-productive MIND prison, you have to tap into the processes that caused the problem in the first place.

Most of our negative mental views about ourselves come from negative experiences of some kind, that have been solidified and then held in place by a powerful explosion of mind magic. This likely happened so naturally that we think it is a part of us and that we can’t escape it. We often believe we can’t escape the circumstances of our lives because we are not conscious of the hand we had in creating them… or rather, the mind we had in creating them.

If we want to free ourselves from disempowering beliefs and that nonprogressive MIND prison, we must use these tools effectively.

IMAGINATION – Use your powerful mind imaging ability to see, feel, hear, and fully experience your preferred reality. Don’t focus on mental images that are out of synch with the life YOU want.

SELF-TALK- What you say to yourself and how you speak to yourself matters. Never put yourself down. Not even in jest. The perspective from which you see yourself is a powerful self-determining tool. As the saying goes ‘You can’t be What you can’t (or won’t) see.’

EMOTION – Emotion is an always accessible and ever-present magical kind of spirit energy in motion. There is no lack in emotions across the world. You can never run out of it. It defies the laws of supply and demand. There is no scarcity of emotions in the world and yet we want more and more of it and we live for it. So Everybody has emotions BUT not everybody channels it well-KNOWN because most don’t know that they can.

Many people believe they are slaves to their emotions. They don’t realise that they are also choosing emotions during the day not just observing them.

There is a powerful magic in that combination of Imagination, Positive Self-Talk and positive EMOTION, which makes you a magnet for the life YOU want to live. It is a MIND COCKTAIL that is transformative. Even when you don’t feel 100% worthy, fake it till you make it and utilize this MIND COCKTAIL and you would be surprised at how much you can accomplish. MW AH Michael Holgate