Be the Best Friend of your Ideal Self


There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind. Everything is a decision, so make the ones that give you the most value for your investment of time, thought and energy.

Make up your mind now to be the best friend of your Self.

In other words, make up your mind to be that person who exists as the highest version of you. Don’t skimp on it or hold back. Don’t do half measures or Self-Sabotage to limit the possibilities of that person.

What if that person was your best friend instead of the person you want to be? How would you treat him or her? Would you be kind and courteous, or would you speak ill of him/her and target his weaknesses with a mouth full of negative words?

What kind of friend would you be if you did that?!!!

And yet that’s what we often do with our Self. We often don’t talk up the good or practice the promise of our possibilities. Instead we train for self sabotaging mental marathons by criticizing, doubting and focusing on the impossibility of accomplishing our dreams.

Who does that?

Or better yet…What kind of friend does that to a friend? No friend at all.

Ironically we can easily claim that we are loyal and true friends because we would lay down our lives for our friends out there. Are you laying down your life for your dreams and possibilities? Are you standing up for that great person you can be, without polluting and compromising with a garbage dump full of negativity and disbelief?

If you are not holding true to the highest and best for yourself (your Self) and releasing doubt and negative self talk, you are no good friend to self. If you are no good friend to self then you are an insincere and no-good friend to EVERYONE in your life. For how could you give what you don’t have? If you don’t have it within you to live as that uncompromisingly passionate supporter of the person who has given you the most in life- YOU- then how dare you pretend you have friends outside of yourself? How dare you pretend you could be a friend to someone else if uou are not being the best friend to yourself? You lie.

With friends like you, who needs enemies? No seriously- read that again this way: If that’s the kind of negative, doubting, unsupportive, criticizing friend you are being to your Self, you won’t need enemies…and you certainly are no real friend to Anyone. MW AH Michael Holgate