Become Unrepentantly Selfish

Become unrepentantly SELF-ish.

Everyone in your life and in your world has ideas. Most of them are only too willing to share their ideas with you. That is how people tend to validate self. For the most part we tend to think that the best way to feel justified and comfortable that the way we act or behave is acceptable, is to have other people agree with us and operate the same way. We seek agreement for the way we live, in the life choices of others. We believe if enough people are doing it then we can accept ourselves doing it. There is nothing wrong with that. If that’s the way you see it, then fine. But there is also nothing wrong with being selective about the mass ideas that you use or appropriate into your life. Go for what works and what serves your sense of yourself and the dream of the life you want to live. Be SELF-ish.

Only accept and use the ideas that work for you. Ask questions often. Challenge yourself so that when others challenge you, you have answers. Believe in yourself. But don’t let it be some undefined, cloudy identity that you ‘try’ to force confidence in. Know yourself. Study yourself. Make decisions for yourself. Be SELF-ish. And let that simply mean that you are oriented to delivering your best possible SELF to the world, because you consistently deliver your best possible self (through ideas and action) to Your SELF. MW AH Michael Holgate