EMPOWERMENT REAL-LIVITY (Episode 2) The Reality TV RE-View


So we are now ready on this journey to code our soul for empowerment. In this context, empowerment is more than just being able to stand up for yourself or to be powerful in important moments at work, school, home or play. Yes, that is an important part of your empowerment but it is not all of it. EMPOWERMENT here in this context means – cultivating the POWER to manifest the life, the dreams and the things that you deem satisfying and fulfilling.

So we are working with a concept called Empowerment Soul Coding. This simply means that you are going through a process of activating a built-in empowerment mechanism in your soul. Generally speaking, Coding is a means of making something distinct or classyfing it and making it easy to recognise. In computers coding is a means of intercommunication between human beings and machines. In EMPOWERMENT, Soul Coding is a system of strategies and techniques that communicate our best interest and higher goals and dreams to our subconscious mind… to our soul.

It’s not that there is a block between what we want out of life and our soul system. It’s simply that our learning systems have given us faulty techniques and we have further developed wrong notions and bad habits in regards to communicating our true desires, dreams, goals and life missions to the manifesting mechanism in our souls. Yes, I’m saying you’re a bit soul-dyslexic.

We all have been afflicted with soul-dyslexia. We talk left when we want to go right. We look down when we want to go up. We listen for what’s wrong when we want to know what’s right. We close doors on good things so we prevent ourselves from the hurt of not getting good things. We open our mouths and proclaim bad things with the hopes of getting the opposite. We give bad attitude to the people we know love us as if to insist they prove their love, and then we give great treatment to those who treat us poorly in hopes they will like us. We are some crazy CRAZY creatures… us human beings. Socialized to dysfunction. BUT There Is Hope. It starts with the coding of the soul for empowerment- and let me say up front that there are many ways… and some of them work. But as the saying goes ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ So lets get to work.

Empowerment Soul Coding Rule 1 :
Don’t allow ‘reality’ to intrude on your dreams.

Depending on who talk to, you may be thought of as crazy for paying attention to that rule. After all, aren’t dreams supposed to be those light, ‘airy-fairy’ meaningless kinda of things that we outgrow? NO. They are not! AND you outgrow your dreams at your peril. This so-called ‘reality’ from now on is simply bad code. Your dreams and ambitions are the good code. Let’s spend the next few weeks programming them in.

Your Mission – should you choose to accept it is:

Look at your list of ten things and think about the bad programmes you have used to push them away. Yes YOU did it. With all your good reasons and excuses and being ‘realistic,’ you pushed away those ten things listed. So let’s get unrealistic. Let’s be unreasonable. Spend the day looking for the UNREASONABLE, UNREALISTIC, INEXPLICABLE and simply INCREDIBLE things that have happened in your world. Look for both big and small stuff. E.g.. ‘Wow- you mean the moon just hangs there in space revolving around the Earth, and is held there by the force of gravity? – unreasonable.”

(Use any of those four words above… the more ridiculous the pairing the better.) – THEN immediately pair it with something from your list of ten things. E.g.. “So the moon can hang in space for millions of years going around the Earth and I can’t become a pilot, or learn to swim or write a book or make a million dollars… RIDICULOUS.”

Yes. This exercise is ridiculous but it is part of the coding process. Just do it. You have nothing to lose but your bad code. One day of reorienting yourself in regards to how ok it is to want what you want and how unreasonable it is to think that wanting what you want is unreasonable, is worth a lifetime of GOODNESS. Do it.

Michael Holgate