Greatness in YOU

How does it feel to be in the presence of a great thing? Are there clanging bells or pot covers knocking? When Bill Gates was sitting in his parents garage after dropping out of college…was greatness already there? Of course it was. When Kei Miller and Marlon James sat in their classrooms at Wolmer’s Boys school doodling into their books…was greatness already there? Is greatness right where they are now or do we need to wait until death immortalises them like Bob Marley. Let’s go there then… when Bob and Rita walked with records on head to sell…was greatness there? When rex Nettleford first staged the NDTC’s Kumina or (my favourite) ‘Gerrehbenta,’ was greatness there? Or better yet, when he choreographed his first dance in Bunkers Hill. When Marcus Garvey started the UNIA…an organization that grew from 5 persons to 11 million…was greatness present?

Of course.


Greatness is always present as a seed in any good idea. This seed must be watered and nurtured. Don’t fan the flames of doubt and failure and expect greatness to miraculously turn up at your door. Don’t discredit the step or level you are now at by waiting for something sizable to happen or waiting for outward validation. Greatness is there in the moment of conception. It blossoms if you allow it to. How much greatness do you allow to come through you or others? Are you snapping the neck of great things and killing them with your words and reflections and actions.

There is value in sharpening things with words and actions but you must know the difference between sharpening a knife and using that knife to kill a dream…whether yours or someone else’s. Mediocrity is death. Everything needs sharpening and editing (including this post) but killing dreams and halting possibilities is a surer path to death. There is no death more complete that the death of a dream.

What great thing are you sitting in the middle of right now? And are you allowing its greatness to come through or blocking it. Decide today which ‘god’ you will serve. You can’t serve God and mammon. Joy and despair can’t live in the same house. Live into your greatness. MW AH Michael Holgate