I will not be silenced


I will not be silent.

Whether I speak well or not I will not carry the fear of speaking in public any longer. I will not carry that fear of speaking up for myself to my grave.

I will not be silent.

Even when I doubt my ability to find the right words to express myself, I will speak up and trust that my voice carries enough truth that my heart will take courage and my mind can shape the right words from wherever they need to come from.

I will not be silenced.

People may shout or speak louder than I do and they may have the full force or letters and numbers and all manner of physical and societal support behind their name but no name has ever yet carried so much force that it can overcome truth persistently spoken in a calm, soft voice.

I will not silence others

Even when they feel the need to silence me. I will hear them out fearlessly. Everyone deserves to speak their truths even if it runs counter to mine. And even as I hear their truths I will reflect on my own truths, remember my voice and use it if needs be, to correct any erroneous concepts that would limit, disorient or invalidate me.

I will not silence my inner authority for anyone. Even if this paints me as confrontational, weak, aggressive or defensive. I will continue to know the truth about myself.

I will not shut up.

Just because someone doesn’t know enough to know better doesn’t mean I have to take on their ignorance as useful criticism.

I will not silence my heart.

I will love and love again even when love seems the most unlikely option. Even when the ones loved seem far from deserving, I will love. I will love my friends who do their best to bring peace into my life and speak words of calm. I may not always listen to them but I will love them with all my loud-loud heart.

I will not attempt to silence my spirit.

Poverty of the soul is not something arrived at in one simple jump. It is consistent rejection of one’s own voice out of fear of embarrassment or punishment.

There is something to be said for people who do their soul work even in the face of strong and forceful opposition- for it IS soul work that keeps you voicing your truths-no matter what- when others more prudent would just stay silent. Silence is a gift when you enter it to be in the presence of God, not when you use it to run from the shenanigans of those who would operate like your personal devil. MW AH Michael Holgate