Insecurity Weakens You

When you are insecure every whisper and negative glance is about you… Even when it’s not – but you will never know because it will always seem like it’s about you. Why? Because you will be unable to separate the way you feel about your self, from the way you think others think about you. You’re working from one mind. How could you see yourself as both secure and insecure in any one moment…even when looking through someone else’s eyes? You must choose.

When you are insecure everyone who does what you do is competition and a threat. Not because they are as good as or better than you but because you will always doubt your own competence if you are not working to secure your own sense of self… And when you doubt your self, there is no one who could ever convince you that you are worth more than the value of that doubted self. The work is yours to do as no one can reach into that one mind of yours and make you see yourself as competent and whole if you choose not to see it.

When you are insecure every activity is a proving ground. You consistently feel pressured to validate your life and presence.

When you are insecure you tend to explain away your rights and desires as wrong – then judge others who are living their own lives the way they want to.

When you choose empowerment – you are the world- you are everything- your world really revolves around your inner beliefs and convictions- in action. When you choose empowerment you have chosen positive self-talk; self-love; self-acceptance; self-care; positive emotions; clarity; responsibility; courage and Freedom. MW AH Michael Holgate