Invest the best of you

Don’t Invest in Excuses…

If you invest in someone who prefers reasonable excuses over questionable successes you are banking on failure. If that someone is YOU, rethink.

By questionable successes, I’m referring to those things you put your heart and soul and truths in, which might not gel with many of the people in your space or your time. And yet… your passion and commitment send them out into the universe with your soul essence signature. You believe. You have chosen to not disbelieve it… even in the face of numerous contrary voices and naysayers. Greatness only comes from people who can hold to that kind of WAY of Being. A questionable success is actually not far from a failure… It might even be just semantics… but it is not a failure because you own it and grow and keep moving towards the ultimate goal. You don’t use excuses to cover your pride. You see the moment as a comma, not a full stop- not the end of the paragraph or chapter- not the end of the book. You might not be where you want to be yet but it’s not over. Where other people see an end for you, you see a bridge. You are not interested in excuses… not even your own.

Excuses can always be made. Great excuses can be found in any situation. People who find excuses have prepared for failure in their heart. Anything planted in the heart with conviction becomes solid and real. Your well rehearsed and prepared excuses are cultivation techniques for failure. You don’t fail when you haven’t yet achieved the good desires of your heart. You fail when you live into your excuses for not accomplishing… and not committing to doing what you said you would do.

You don’t have to be told exactly what people think about their opportunities, chances or prospects. People reveal themselves in their actions. People reveal their thoughts through what they say before important activity.

– Excuses and commitment don’t live in the same house.

– Complaints and conviction don’t live in the same house.

If you surrender to complaints and excuses before moving into your task you are preparing to fail. If you surrender to complaints and Excuses after the task attempted was flawed, your complaints and Excuses at the end reveal what you really thought at the beginning. IF you truly believe something is possible and you give your all to it, you cannot then have a ready excuse or complaint for/at the end. It will not even cross your mind. Your mind would not have been a fertile place for such an inappropriate thought.

We have to stop giving lip service to our own dreams. We have to commit to more than that. ‘Lip service’ is really saying one thing now then using well rehearsed excuses and complaints later. Dont give yourself that way out. Just take responsibility before and after and you will be training yourself for greatness because you will be doing something that 95% of the world is untrained and unprepared to do- Take Responsibility.

‘Lip service’ is the order of the day in many spaces. It is not what you say you will do that matters. What matters is: when the ‘story come to bump’- ; when you are right at that place when ‘the pudding must reveal its proof’ through a taste test; when all that has been said must now be shown… that’s when you see what’s really up. What matters is when we reveal who we truly are. It is not simply our successes and failures that reveal us. What reveals us is who we choose to be at that primary moment of taking action. If you are making excuses for unpreparedness; justifying unacceptable behaviour; rolling back on your word using shaky examples; pretending indignation to cover your errors and lack of courage… You are nowhere near to taking responsibility- and therefore you are not OWNING your future, nor your success. Only a willingness to own your ‘failure’ gives you power over your possibility and future and success. Own it all. MW AH Michael Holgate