Let Go and Soar


Letting go and releasing can seem like a bothersome and inconvenient prospect for most of us. Life just seems to feel better when We hold on to things and ideas and even feelings that We know. But sometimes what We know and what is comfortable needs to be let go of for us to go to the next level. Still, it is not as difficult as we seem to think. We are always in the act of giving up something- whether we like it or not. Every new breath you take means you have given up another breath.

You often have to give up one thing to get another thing because things of a different vibration can’t be in the same space at one time. Everything resonates and vibrates on its own level… at its own rate. Everything has its own identity…or is made up of a specific, identifiable essential nature. As a result of this, a thing’s energy and essence is it’s calling card – defines its place in the world – and makes it magnetic to things of a similar essence or energy. In other words, “like attracts like.”

So you must energetically and essentially become like that which you ‘seek to attract.’ Your mental-emotional energy must resonate and vibrate with the essential nature of what you want, in order to attract it. Note that I didn’t say you must look like it. You must appropriate the energy of what you want to experience. Be it. Be there. Experience it as if… IT IS NOW.

This is why letting go is important. The longer you hold on to things and people that are not serving the true experience of who you say you are or who you want to be, is the longer you stay locked into an energy that prevents you from realising your full potential and manifestation of dreams.

With a Space shuttle, the rocket booster engines provide enough thrust to lift off then they fall back to the ground. This is a good analogy of how it sometimes takes a lot of energy and sometimes a lot of people to be ready to move. But after that you have to let go of some things when you intend to go higher. “What got you here won’t take you there…”

You have to know what and who can help or support you in your “continuing mission to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.” Yes I’m a big Star Trek fan… But it’s kinda sorta like-a that.

It’s not about being mercenary although some people are. It’s about being strategic.. and knowing what you want and What you don’t want. Know What is acceptable for you. Know who is acceptable for you. Sticking to who and what is unacceptable will not create a path to where you want to be, with whom you want to be, doing what you want to do.

Sometimes you need to give people up and let them go, not because they are bad but because they are bad for you. Sometimes perfectly decent people are your disempowerment addiction. In fact, Anyone who reminds you of what is NOT possible is not meant for full time consumption. In other words, seek that which is compatible with who you want to be, not who you have unhappily been by default. Seek the resonance and vibratory synchrony with the higher version of you – not what you are unsuccessful at releasing.

Until you let go the heavy attachments that are weighing you down, you will never be free enough to claim the light. Until you walk away from impenetrable brick walls, you will never understand how much of your resources and human capital was tied up with meaningless shadow-boxing. MW AH Michael Holgate