Let go of that ‘not right’ thing NOW.

Let go of that ‘not right’ thing NOW.

Give thanks for every ‘not right’ experience that sets you free. You KNOW it’s a ‘not right’ experience because it has set you free. Even if it felt ideal then, when it set you free you now know the ideal was just being called and is now on the way because this ‘not right’ has set you free. You know something ideal is on the way because life is about expansion and so you have no choice but to expand into what is ideal. Stop fighting yourself with disbelief and stop force-fitting into ‘not right’. Stop it now. Let ‘not right’ go, so you can snugly click into the ideal. Expect, believe in and appreciate already the ideal thing by celebrating that the ‘not right’ thing has set you free.

You know you are free because your emotions are no longer in turmoil and you are not wrapped up in a cocoon of self-doubt nor vexation of the spirit nor insecurity nor inexplicable ‘non-physical pains’ around the chest and stomach area. And the pain is so-called ‘non-physical’ because they have no known (or probable) physical origin and therefore no possible physical cure. It is the remnants of an unexorcised demon of an emotion caused by someone or something outside of yourself that you allowed to shift you from the peace of knowing that life is meant to be a joyous expansion into your ideal being. Give thanks for your freedom.

Let the ‘not right’ go in peace with your blessings AND love. If it has just declared itself ‘not right’ for you- let it go. If it declared itself ‘not right’ a long time ago, but you have been holding on for fear that nothing better was possible or nothing better is on the way or nothing better is likely to come- you were wrong. Let it go NOW because better is available in this world of infinite possibilities. What limits you is more than just your inability to see what else is possible now. What limits you firstly is your not letting go of what is ‘not right” now. It’s a matter of faith. Clinging to thorns will not miraculously help you reach the rose.

If it is a job, car, man, woman, experience, friend, lover, teacher, emotional state, mental state, energy..(the list is endless) let it go. Let go the ‘not right.”

If in doubt, just let it go mentally and hold a consciouness of peace as if the ‘not right’ is finally gone. Act as if its gone and be at peace with it not being there AND feel full that ALL YOU NEED and all that fulfills you is still/now right where you are.

But seriously…

You know it’s the ‘not right’ that you need to let go of now because it has already let go of you. (Sometkmes it has let go of you many times. Your turn. Let it go.

Contemplate and Celebrate the horizon. Can’t you just see the excitement of new possibility there dancing before you. There is a point where the fading sunset and the new dawn look like the same thing. That was specially designed to teach you something. Let go. Let go of the ‘not right’ thing. Let go of the ‘no longer right’ thing. Just let go already. The Universe got your back. MW AH Michael Holgate