Personal Power – Be Like Water


Many people misunderstand the personal power wielded by the individual who accomplishes his ends and gets things done. Many think it is driving ambition and the willingness to use force to push through intentions in a hard way that makes things happen. Although sometimes driving your intention like a hammer can push a hard unyielding idea through a resistant group of people and circumstances, that is not the true magic of the empowered man. It is his willingness and ability to let go and give up anything and everything, in pursuit of a principle or belief that is the basis of his empowerment. Be like water- yield. Advance and retreat. Follow the lay of the land. Don’t fight the land…MASTER YOURSELF. Choose personal power.

Personal power is not the manipulation of others, but it is the unwillingness to be manipulated. Personal power stares into the face of an unknown abyss and says ‘here lies potential.’ Personal power is not about asking people to do what you wouldn’t do. It is about showing people a path and asking them to do what you have done and what you know is possible…even if it is difficult for you and them. If you have personal power you don’t only ask people to do things that are easy, because you know that life is a training ground for more life to come – and the man who conquers fears and ego and doubt from earlier is stronger right away and happier and more successful for it in the long run.

A man of personal power walks on thin paradoxical fault-lines with courage, clarity and a strong sense of responsibility. He walks the thin line between confidence and ego and treads gently, pulling back himself with wisdom if he over steps into the rocky egotistical terrain that only leads to death of the soul and a life of struggle and unhappiness..

A man of personal power walks the thin line between vulnerability and insecurity, knowing that being open and revealing yourself to life also means that people might see your most sensitive parts and kick them… people might misread your caring for weakness… people might think that what you do is so easy and therefore not deserving of credit, simply because you are not puffing your own chest and you are OK with revealing the very human inner workings of your mind and your processes.

A man of personal power practices the art of Nonresistance – and it confuses the hell out of people. Conventional wisdom says you must push push push and press against the world with all you got and watch it yield. A man of personal power is like water, finding the cracks and the in between spaces and places… and when he has gathered enough momentum moves like a force of nature with all his collected inner reserves. You can slice through water with a feather but water erodes mountains and levels buildings and satisfies the thirst of the world. Water animates your body it is the physicalization of spirit. Water is nonresistant. It is the epitome of personal power. When you feel tempted to be a hammer… Remember the power of water.

People will be who they are. You are not here in life to punish them or make them do the right thing by you or even themselves. You are here to walk a path to your own greatness. You need not trample anyone’s dreams or climb on anyone’s back to get there. Embrace personal power. Love people and let them be. Choose wisely and negotiate their space in your life. Expect the best and if you get less than that, remember the good you seek is inside you. Pull it out in moments of need. There is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS someone or something willing to respond to an honest expression of love and empowerment. MW AH Michael Holgate