Only Plant seeds of Greatness

It’s funny, the things we remember… the things we choose to remember…the things we refuse to stop remembering although they bring us grief. It’s interesting how we hang on in memory to situations and conditions that disturb our peace of mind EVERY TIME. It’s interesting how we will not let go of the negative things our mothers said about us although it might have been said in a moment of distress that passed years ago. It’s even funny how we choose to lock into statements said repeatedly to us that don’t reflect a good view of ourselves and don’t reflect our best interest and don’t reflect where we want to see ourselves go and grow in life. We hold on to these things for dear life, not knowing they are the seeds of our sense of unworthiness.

We seem unaware that it is precisely because we hold on to negative memories and words and images about ourselves and refuse to let them go, that the sense of unworthiness persists even through all the wonderful things happening to us. But how many people have ever seen a plant continue to live after it has been completely uprooted? And if u dig up a seed and leave it on a piece of zinc in the sun, does it still grow into a plant? No. Uproot those negative memories. FORGEDABOUDIT. ‘If your right hand offends you chop it off.’ Same thing for those persistently negative and offensive thoughts. Cut them off.

Why not just love and accept yourself anyway. Every person who has accomplished something great in their life has been told or exposed to negativity. There is no exception. What matters is how much of it you accept or allow into your soul.

Albert Einstein who is arguably one of the greatest scientists of all time was dyslexic and his teachers believed he was retarded.

– Has a teacher labelled you something that comes from their own lack of understanding? And have you continued to dwell on or believe it?

During his time in the USA, Marcus Garvey was called a”Little, fat black man, ugly, but with intelligent eyes and a big head,” by the ‘light-skinned’ WEB Dubois, a prominent African American Civil rights activist.

– Have you allowed negative descriptions to stop you from accomplishing great things?

Usain Bolt was at times considered too tall to be as good a sprinter as he is and yet this three times olympics champion is the greatest in the world.

– Have you given up on dominance in a field because you don’t fit the typical profile to lead or win in that area?

Of course, all three of the great men mentioned above had more things going on for them than these perceived flaws… but instead of rising above their circumstances, they could have spent their lives focusing on the perceived flaws – like you do.. or do you? Don’t. Just don’t. Focus on your possibility. Focus on your strengths and talents. See your beauty. Invest only in your talents and wisdom with your thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs, – daily build your capacity for greatness. Go to your highest destiny. MW AH Michael Holgate