Stay on Track

Stay on Track

If you want to be right that the world is a horrible place; and everything is going wrong; that we are powerless in the face of all that happens to us- I am not the right person to talk to. I will sometimes smile and nod but my mind is somewhere else. It is just my courtesy nod. Your corrupted files are being actively deleted on contact. If you persist, you will recognise that we have fewer and fewer conversations. I stand for empowerment.

I believe we have the power to shape our own lives and our world with the power of our mind. I see MIND as: all mental faculties; thoughts; ideas; imagination; emotion; understanding; spirit – All those non-physical spaces in our soul. Mind is Soul Energy.

So even when i fall off the empowerment track I have to catch myself and start back on the path. Nah lie, a likkle sweet gossip gets my attention every now and again. Then I get back on track. Sometimes a little fear and doubt creeps in but then I paint word pictures of the alternative world that I want – and get back on track. I get upset sometimes when people misunderstand me or act deceptively. I get upset when people deliberately try to put me down. But being upset is not an acceptable road for me to stay on. I walk or drive pass the street but I don’t live there. This might seem ridiculous, but I do know people who live there. I also know people who live in a perpetual state of disempowerment and are ok with it. Some people consistently observe and speak up for impossibilities. Delete. Delete. Delete. And get back on track. Empowerment.

People can be powerfully loud and negative; aggressively patronizing; rabidly self-doubting. Whatever they are, let them be right…just not in YOUR space. Empowerment requires that you use your mind to cultivate a world that supports your growth and development; peace of mind; prosperity; joy; love; healthy relationships…

I know that many people resent and reject the idea that we shape our worlds with our minds. To them, it is all ‘new age self help psycho-babble law of attraction universal hippie consciousness hogwash…’ That’s fine. I say empowerment is the only way. At least it is for me. Every word of empowerment i speak is for me. It is from my soul and for my soul. I’m open to whoever wants to read or listen.

If people want to be right about all that is wrong with the world, I let them. I just won’t live there with them. I’m not jumping off the planet but I won’t allow my world to be defined by negativity or fear. If they are right about the wrongness of the world they can keep it.

It’s ok to always want to be right. But it works so much better when you are actually right. When are you really right? When it is working out for you and will continue to work out because you have created a system that has proven to yield results based on principles that support your development and that of others. If what you are doing isn’t working and has not been working for a long time…why try to sustain it. Whatever you sustain, is feeding you. Whatever you feed on, either makes you fit or fat. How is your state of mind and being?

If it serves you to keep affirming and confirming what is not working for you i won’t fight you. That fight would still be supporting YOUR MIND SPACE. Instead I go back to thinking on “Whatsoever things are true; whatsoever things are honest; whatsoever things are just…” MW AH Michael Holgate