Take off Your Invisibility Cloak

Take off your invisibility cloak.

Have you ever looked for something long and hard, only to find it where you had already looked? Not strange. We all have. It’s just that the thing fit in so well in the space that it became temporarily invisible to your sense of perception. What have you fit in with so well that you have become invisible? Is there somewhere that your individuality is so wrapped up in an invisibility cloak of compromising who you are that you don’t stand out….at all?

And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with fitting in…unless it’s at the loss of your self. And let’s face it, who wants to live in a world where everyone does their own thing all the time? Chaos. No. Thats not tenable. And so we have laws that support most of the values we can agree on. And we have policy makers who help us change them accordingly when values shift etc. And blah blah blah… let’s get back to fitting in so much you become so invisible that you want to puke from how unimpressive you are. Cut that shit out. You won’t win any prizes for being the most accommodating and ‘fitted-in’ person in your community. And even if you do, is it worth it?

Get a life. No seriously…get a life…like one of those you can’t buy at the shop…the one you can only purchase with the currency of courage. Get up off your big fat possibility and do something. Do something in the direction of your dreams. Dreams are hardly ever the stuff of ‘fitting-in-ness.’ And if your dream fits in easily it’s not big enough.

Take off your invisibility cloak and dive into a world of impossibility. Make it yield to your consciousness. Choose one dream today and make it yield, even if it takes a lifetime of believing. And if it takes a lifetime- at least you would have found something that pulls you powerfully into being.

It’s true, not everyone wants to stand out…especially not like a sore thumb… and that’s how it tends to feel when uou are being different. But standing out is closer to being outstanding than wearing that ‘I’m a doormat’ T-shirt and the matching ‘I’m just like everybody else cap.’ If you want to fit in do it. Even if you want to fit in with everything in every way. That’s your prerogative. This post might not be for you. It might just be for me. MW AH Michael Holgate