When you carry a Grudge

When you carry a grudge it returns the favour. And a grudge that is carrying you will never take you anywhere but to a place of disempowerment. In fact you will only nurse a grudge if some situation somehow made you feel a serious loss of power. Those things happen daily, but nurturing the feeling of that loss of power and dwelling on the possible negative meaning behind the conditions and revisiting the images and emotional state that created this negative experience is not the beat use of your energy. In fact it will make you a big magnet for more of the same. Carrying a grudge sets you up to carry more grudges. And the weight mounts and burdens you . It’s not worth it.

Absolutely nothing and no one is worth your peace of mind. No one is worth a piece of your mind. No one can place peace in your mind and no one can take it away. When you make it your business to hold on to negative stuff, you have invested in stocks and bonds with no hope of good returns.

This does not mean that you must not address negative things that happen. It simply means you must not carry them with you… anywhere. After you have confronted your feelings and assessed the damage and the reason for why things happen, choose to heal. Head in the right direction. And in fact, don’t take too much time to do your assessment of what happened and why. Don’t take more than an hour to sort out your potential grudges and break them up into nothingness. Clear it up for yourself. Don’t carry a grudge. Use the TOOLS OF EMPOWERMENT- Clarity; Responsibility; Courage.

CLARITY: Get clear about what happened. And remember, emotions don’t bring clarity. That’s not the job of emotions. Emotions bring and ocean of energy. So get clear by identifying the facts simply – What Happened! Anything other than what physically happened is not ‘the’ fact you are looking for.

RESPONSIBILITY: Why not Take responsibility for it all? That’s not necessarily easy, but it is possible and it is healthy. Think about it, there is likely something that you did in the space of what happened. Notice I didn’t say something that you ‘did wrong.’ But you were there and something happened. Take responsibility for it- meaning: blame no one. Blame is really just saying “It is your fault not mine,” or “it is my fault not yours.” When you take responsibility you are not looking for who is at fault. You are not looking to blame. You are choosing your freedom. You can forgive and move on with a firm decision about how you will relate to the person/s involved. Relationships may change but carrying the burden of hurt feelings is disempowering and absolutely unnecessary.

COURAGE: Is it possible that the reason you went through that situation was because you were lacking in so me form of courage? Maybe you never said what you should have said or never did what you should have done.

Carry the TOOLS OF EMPOWERMENT instead of carrying a grudge. They will serve you better. They serve the better you. Grudges serve your downfall. MW AH Michael Holgate