Your Decisions create your Future

Your Decisions create your Future.

Life revolves around a series of powerful decisions. They are not powerful because I said so but because you have already made them. Every decision is a powerful life-changing moment. Even the simple decisions are powerful. Your life as it is now is a playing out of a series of decisions you have made in the past whether in full knowledge that it was a decision or whether by sliding into a way of being without acknowledging to yourself that the ‘slide’ you made was itself a decision.

Everything you accept or don’t accept into your life is a decision. Every person whose company you keep or reject is a decision. It all changes your trajectory in life. Your full growth and development into the person you want to be is dependent on the decisions you are making right now. Are you sleepwalking through your decision making right now? If you are, wake up. Your future is depending on you to decide on it in a clear and responsible way, with courage. Do that for yourself. Do it for the person you are now. Become the best version of yourself now. Become the best future possible, with the decision you make now.

Multiple futures sit waiting for you now to make a decision. Which future do you want to step into? Use your thoughts wisely. Think along the lines of the person you would like to be. In fact think AS IF you were the person you want to be. How would that future best version of YOU make the choices and decisions before you today. The more you make decisions FROM the perspective of the person you would like to be, the more power you give to that preferred future you. MW AH Michael Holgate