Advance and Withdraw with the Tide of Life

Advance and Withdraw with the Tide of life.

Don’t believe you have to be sucked into any one way of being or any one way of seeing yourself or being seen. Free yourself from the need to prove your personality or temperament. Be yourself. Do you. But don’t allow it to be the ‘doing’ of a ‘you’ that you have been TOLD is you. That would mean your undoing.

So Do YOU! When you feel a change coming on embrace it. When new things are trying to be born in your life, move towards it with courage. When you get a vision or dream or idea- advance. Step towards it with glee. ADVANCE. But likewise, KNOW when to withdraw.

Withdraw from the struggle. Life works best with strategic advance and withdrawal. Don’t spend your precious moments following ‘ends’ that have ended. Withdraw. Don’t fight the good fight to stay locked in to broken promises. Heal yourself through forgiveness. When people break promises to you, trust that they did their best based on where they were at in their life at the time. NOW, you have the chance to decide where you should be at this point in time. Withdraw.

Know when to let go of an experience or person and step back. This also means you should know when to let go of a grudge or hurt. Let ‘letting go’ become a natural part of who you are and what you do. Advance and Withdraw.

Don’t become an emotional junkie, locked-in and waiting on the next emotional ‘fix’. Even as you Advance, be willing to withdraw. That way, you won’t be manipulable. You are more susceptible to being manipulated when you are addicted. When you are willing, ready or even eager to withdraw from anything or anyone, you have increased your negotiating skills and power. This does not mean you must run away from things easily nor threaten to run away from things as a form of your own manipulation strategy. There is no real value in manipulation. It is false accomplishment. It costs too much and therefore cannot last.

With manipulation, the price you pay is the loss of empowerment all round. You will not manipulate if you are empowered. You cannot manipulate the empowered. Anyone you manipulate is disempowered and you have increased their disempowerment- and in doing so also increased your disempowerment.

So withdrawal is not about that. It is about TAKING BACK YOUR POWER. It is reclaiming self. Advance and Withdraw. KNOW when to do either.

With -friends and loved ones; enemies or foes; co-workers or acquaintances; mentors or mentees- practice the art of Strategic advance and withdrawal. It is a foundation block in your empowerment. It signals maturity and emotional intelligence. It signals creative intelligence. It signals WISDOM.

When you know to advance and withdraw, you wont be tricked by people’s energies and you will buy in less to disappointments. You will have more control of YOUR inner world without feeling the need to control other people’s outer actions. So at the first sign of an excuse or prejustification about unacceptable action to come … just back off. Withdraw. That just means someone has found a reason to refuse or reject you…even before the situation arises. Withdraw. It is really true that people find reasons to do the things they want to do and excuses for the things they don’t want to do. Don’t step in further and create a world where you are running down anything. Life, like the tide is strategic advance and withdrawal. Without that push and pull – that give and take- you try to drill through life and end up screwing up others and yourself. You then end up becoming a used ‘drill bit’ to be discarded after the task is completed. Advance and Withdraw strategically but don’t let it be about game playing or manipulating. Also don’t be sucked in by what people say when they attempt to seem engaged when u know they are not. When spirit says advance…do so. When it says retreat or withdraw, do so. But be honest throughout. Be fearless.

Let’s face it. Without that strategic advance and withdrawal motion in the act of procreation, none of us would be here. MW AH Michael Holgate