Don’t let anyone ‘define’ you

Don’t allow yourself to be defined by someone else’s inability to see or unwillingness to value your contribution. That is not your business. Your job is to flood the world with your excellence. Your job is not to convince anyone.

Even while drowning in the goodness of your contribution, some people will remain (or pretend to be) unaware of your value. That is not your business. Someone else’s blindness is not your responsibility- even if they are only blind to your virtues.

The most certain way to dim your own light is to spend it in an attempt to convince someone that you are valuable. Any such attempt could only be founded on a premise or assumption that you are NOT valuable. If you have to convince anyone of your value, whether in friendship; love; an organisation; in society; your family; to your country- you are standing on shaky ground- not because your value is in question, but because by attempting to convince someone of your value, you have given away your power.

Your real power is in DOING YOU, not in ‘Proving YOU.’ Proving always comes from a space of inadequacy, insufficiency, doubt, lack or any other such synonym. You can’t get to security, value or empowerment from the road of believing that you are ‘not enough.’ If and when you know you are enough, you will never need to convince anyone of this. The only acceptable pretense on the path to empowerment is pretending you are enough and then acting accordingly. Act the part and become it. Live your empowerment moment by moment until you feel it’s truth resonating with you in every cell of your body and to the very fibre of your being. MW AH Michael Holgate