Judge not…yourself

People are entitled to use their experience of you to judge you. It is their mind. It is their right to use it in any way shape or form that they want to. You are not obligated to agree with their judgment of you. How you look at your own actions is your business and your right. After all, you have a perspective and a front row seat to your own motives and intentions that they don’t have. You have full access to your own mind…we hope.

Not even the psychologist or psychoanalyst is entitled to a position or perspective on your life that takes precedence over yours. How many times have they been wrong? How many times has ‘mental medicine’ been deliberately wrong for the cause of perpetuating the expansion of mental science at the expense of mental truths? I am not convinced of the large number of ADD (attention-defecit-disorder) and ADHD (attention-defecit-hyperactivity-disorder) children in the world. As far as I can see, there are many creative, free-minded, expressive young people in the world being born in a new space of advanced mental clarity and spiritual freedom. Of course that viewpoint does not support the production of pharmaceutical drugs. But I do have a right to that viewpoint.

My point is that everyone has their own agenda. Let’s just call it an intention based in a personal perspective. Thats not a bad thing, unless you sacrifice YOUR agenda for someone else’s. Be your own touchstone. Be your own measuring-stick for the quality of your life, thoughts and experience. MW AH Michael Holgate