Judge Not


It’s usually not the big things that block your progress to the life you want to live. Usually it’s the small ways that you cancel your dreams. With doubt and fear… Check yourself.

It’s when something come to your mind as a goal or dream and you immediately destabilize it with a doubt. Sometimes it is not even as clearly defined as a doubt. Sometimes just a feeling comes over you that things will remain as they have always been. It is in those moments that your successes are made…or not. I won’t talk about that nasty ‘F’ word… failure. Let’s talk about your successes and you ‘waiting moments.’ We can also call them your successes and your ‘training moments.’ You already know what to do when you encounter success. You enjoy it. But what do you do in those other moments? Why not live into them and enjoy them too? What we tend to do is solidify and deepen our awareness of what we did wrong and judge ourselves heavily. Truth be searched for, we will more than likely find that someone has been successful doing exactly what we have failed at. There are always lessons to be learned. Not failures to be observed or dwelled in. Stop judging yourself. And equally importantly, stop judging others. This post is not about justice and the law, so don’t take things out of context and deliberately miss the point. There are set laws we have been agreeing on over millenia and changing when they no longer serves us. I’m not speaking of that kind of judgment. I speak of the silent judgments of our hearts as we think of other people as worthy nor unworthy of blessings or what they have.

Judging others and finding them wanting, we teach ourselves to become the biggest critic of ourselves. Because we expect others to likewise judge us and by the very same measure we judge them. It’s what the Bible said but it is not a faceless God up there that judges us. It is we who judge ourselves…and harshly too. The Bible was very specific saying- by what measure you judge, you shall be judged. So specific. Think about that. It’s simple really. It’s just you judging yourself. God is not judging you worthy or unworthy. You are punishing yourself every time…by the exact judgment you push on others…because that judgment is coming from your mind and representing your thoughts. When you are in that same or a similar position, your same thoughts and mind will issue a verdict in the realm of consciousness and see you as guilty…of being unworthy. MW AH Michael Holgate