Just do it live it be it now…

Just do it live it be it now

I ‘do’ because life is too short to not do.

I go… and I go hard because to stay as I was is unacceptable to me. What value is there in repeating yesterday over and over like a bad movie that will not end.

I step out on tender limbs and branches because to fear falling so much that I live without having even ‘tried and failed’ is worst than death to me.

I take risks at the risk of being embarrassed because to live invisible to my purpose is a walking death worse than being a duppy or ghost.

I ‘try’ even when I have to rely on the goodwill and good intentions of others and don’t get their goodwill… because there is no such thing as ‘try’- there is only ‘do’ or ‘dont’… and when I’m doing, others will either fall in line or they won’t…but in the mean time I’m do-ing.

I press on even when others press back against my optimism because to choose not to believe in what is possible is anathema to my soul.

I fly in the face of convention even when the traditional minded read me wrong as ‘unknowing’- or read me right as ‘unimpressed with the status quo’ because the creation of ‘own space’ is always what has produced expansion and development in the world.

I speak out and speak even louder when others whisper about me because my imperfections are part of my overcoming and therefore part of my voice.

I keep walking and going the distance even when others confuse me with their mixed messages; double edged swords; approval-rejection actions; and outright disingenuous and duplicitous ways because to stop walking means that the critic wins and the doer doesn’t… and that leaves the world open to a critical mass of destruction.

I keep acting calm and unmoved even when people make Power plays that seek to seduce me to join their game of oneupmanship because every time the game is played, both the winner and the loser go down in the book called two-foolish-farts.

I never speak of age because it is not my business… and making it my business means making it my nature. My nature is ‘forever expansion’ at whatever part of the path I’m on. If I dwell on age I will always be too old for something and too young for something else. I will buy in to the litany of woes that is ascribed to each age group and eventually end up at an ‘organ recital’ celebrating how many of my organs I still have after poisoning my own system with the belief that the passage of years means reduction and racing towards death, and not expansion. I let spirit guide my actions not revolutions of the earth around the sun.

I never give less than 85% to anything I’m doing because anything less than that is not an ‘A.’ And I only see value in giving myself an ‘A’ for action. I can admit everything is never 100% but anything not worth 85% or more of my focused energy and time and honest investment of love is not worth doing. It is a potboiler…and if i live to only keep the pot on the fire instead of to keep the fire blazing in my heart and around my dreams- I am a walking dead. And weh ‘walking dead a go?’


I keep doing because it is in my nature to do

I keep climbing because my legs will not stand still every time I hear the call of my heart’s purpose

I keep rising because I see every mountaintop as ground zero… enroute to something else worth contributing to the world.

I keep sane because I am ok with seeming insane, weak, failed to everyone

I keep grounded because I prioritize and choose who and what is important to me and act on my priorities in every moment

I ‘do’ because I can’t NOT Do…cause to not do is to stagnate and die… and death is the only reasonable alternative to a life not in pursuit of my dreams. But mi nuh ready…

MW AH Michael Holgate