Note to self… invest in your SELF

*note to self


My philosophy is always… 100% of zero is still zero. 10% of a billion is something. Even 1% of a billion is something. Ten million to be exact. Never be afraid to give away a piece of the pie to a baker. Your investment prospers you. Invest wisely in your thoughts… don’t just give away your thoughts to any passing fancy. Invest it wisely. Choose what you want to focus on. Invest your money and interest and passions likewise.

We are conditioned to want it all… all that life has to offer. At the same time we are likewise conditioned to feel there is not enough to go around. With this kind of mentality, we are often torn between a rock and a hard place. We want more and yet we believe in lack. This mentality sets us up to push and strain and struggle against the grain…even though it does not serve us to do so. It does not serve us to believe in lack because that belief is an investment…in lack. Lack thoughts can only produce lack.

You can’t get blood from a stone. It doesn’t beat like a heart. And blisters are all that you get the harder you squeeze. So invest love wisely. Emotions can trick you if you don’t pay attention, so do… pay lots of attention and energy to YOU, first and foremost. YOUR heart deserves your attention. Trust yourself. When things don’t feel good, go to work on the relationship, WITH YOURSELF. You can’t fix anyone but you can fix YOU. You can fix faulty expectations born of insecurity and feelings of unworthiness. You cannot attract someone to strengthen your sense of Worthiness no matter how beautiful they are, they will only reflect who you are being… you can’t attract anyone or anything above or below the vibration you are sending or the person you are BEING. Invest wisely in your heart.

What do we like to do? We hoard. We don’t give. We nervously hold on to what we believe we have, even when reaching for more. We nervously believe that in hiding our stuff from the world we are keeping our stuff from the hands that would rob us of our stuff. And in so doing we hide stuff from ourselves… stuff like our talents, love, blessings and good wishes for others. We foolishly hold back on our real investments with a jealous heart or with a fearful disposition that we might diminish if we give too much or allow someone else to rise while we rise. You cannot diminish from a real investment. You cannot help but rise from a real investment.

You must cultivate a giving/sharing/supportive heart if you want a richer, more fulfilled life. You can design a more prosperous future for yourself by simply deciding to not hold back on what you have. There is great value in investment. Don’t hide your money, talents, words, ideas, passions, interests- under the mattress. Invest all. Invest in people.

My definition of investment is:

Put something of value in a place where it will be nurtured and supported to grow.

In other words- plant a seed in good soil.

In other words- put something you treasure into fertile environment that has the nutrients it needs to grow and expand.

In other words- impregnate the world with your good ideas and possibilities. Sow your seeds WISELY.

Don’t hold back or be afraid to let a good thing expand with the inflow of the good energies of others. Allow goodness in. Allow love in. Allow good intentions in. Allow people to give to you. Allow people to bless you.

But in order to allow, you have to give up limiting beliefs. You have to give. You must invest.

MW AH Michael Holgate