Stand in Confidence

Stand in the confidence of who you hope and dream you could be. Don’t live in the fear of who you don’t want to be. So much more is possible for you in life when your actions come from a place of confidence. Marcus Garvey said: “If you haven’t confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.” So stay in the lane of certainty that what is good for you is worthy of you and you are worthy of it. In other words, live from a premise of promise.

Don’t live in fear of consequences. Don’t live in regret. Don’t live in doubt. Don’t live your life through the eyes of friends or enemies. Don’t live in the chaotic confusion of insecurity about past mistakes or not being good enough. Don’t lie to yourself or pretend to be who you are not. Don’t compromise on what you really want in order to fit in with people. Don’t compromise on what you really need in order to be acceptable to friends. Don’t live an intolerable life just because you don’t want to hurt people. People hurt whether you accept that you are the cause or not.

Set your intention straight and live from there. Life from your own desires and expectations and fulfillment, joy and satisfaction. Don’t even heed these words if they are not in alignment with your world view. If these words are too corny or unrealistic for you dismiss them. The point is that only the act of doing and being you is truly acceptable to your soul. Unfortunately sometimes we cloud our souls over so much with layers of other people’s livity, fears and needs that we mistake them for our own and end up unfulfilled, smiling and laughing in an outward show from a heart that is unhappy and a life that feels cowardly and incomplete. If your decisions are not your own you will not feel confident in them or in yourself. You must be willing to be wrong. You must be willing to take the risk that what you want may be wrong for others but right for you.

Decide what life is about for yourself. And if you are wrong, confidently accept it and choose again. You are guaranteed joy and pain if you live your life for yourself. If you live your life for others your only guarantee is the confusion of not knowing the difference between joy and pain. You will wait to be told and wait for permission to even love your self. And when you rely on others for that you are spitting in the face of God if you even believe in a God. And if you don’t then you are signing away your soul song to an unworthy master. Any master of your life outside of you is unworthy.

At the same time don’t get caught up in the idea of mistakes. Every decision has a grain of truth and power in it. Not all decisions are reversible, but all decisions have worthwhile lessons to learn on this life journey. And you would not have made it if your soul did not call you down that path.

Never regret decisions made. Learn from them. Make better and better ones the next time and the time after that. There is power in your ability to keep becoming a better and better version of yourself. There never comes a time when you stop becoming better. So there never will be a time when you stop making mistakes. Make all your mistakes with confidence…wrong and strong if need be. Own your life. Own the dream of life that is YOU. it is much more valuable and worthwhile to spend your time and energy being confident in who you are and what you find acceptable no matter your mistakes or embarrassments or challenges or flops, than to spend any time trying to do the right thing or fit in or not be wrong. MW AH Michael Holgate