The Fearful man

The fearful man lives in what has happened in the past or what has not happened in the past. The wise man lives in what is happening now in the present. The powerful man lives the future as if it is now. He steps through the world as if the future possibility of goodness and greatness is both self evident and present…Right Now.

There is power in this because the past only exists for as long as we hold on to it in our minds. And as long as we hold on to it we are both blessed and limited by it. The present is already the past as it happens but it has magic in it…more magic than dwelling on the past. The future is where the true expansion is. Living into it blesses you to expand because there is always more that is possible. Especially if you don’t spend more time dwelling on what has been, than what is… or what will be.

It is not easy to claim the future and live it now as if it was the present. If it was easy, we would be living in a world of powerful dream makers. As it is now, only a few people own the right to that miraculous power to shape and change the world…not by mastering technology and the natural elements or even people, but by mastering themselves. Anyone who masters self powerfully enough to walk into tomorrow from today by seeing and feeling and believing what is not yet physically apparent- who can hold on to intention and a vision or dream in spite of naysayers and backbench coaches and backseat drivers- IS deserving of the blessings that go to those strong in mind. You are spiritual royalty and the world is your kingdom. MW AH Michael Holgate