The world is full of echoes


The world is full of echoes. Some people’s power of conviction is coming from an empty space but it can fool you. It is not always easy to know who or what is real or true. The measure of a man or woman is not written on their face. And yet we rely on people. We need people. There is no task that produces anything from complete isolation – no creative process that needs only one person from start to finish.

Navigating the world and being able to accomplish the tasks you have set for yourself and fulfill the desires of your heart requires wisdom and vigilance. You must choose wisely. Everything that goes into your lemonade affects it’s flavour. You must wisely decide who or what to include in the lemonade that is your life. This includes not only your own thoughts but those of others.

Sometimes it’s just that its NOT the right idea or person there in your space. If you can’t own up to that you are depriving both of you of the opportunity for something better. If something or someone is just not right in your space, then keeping them there is not only compromising your space but theirs also. It is almost a given that they are compromising themselves to be there too. But this is not about them. It’s about you. Sometimes you need to just decide to downgrade certain people’s space in your life. You can’t keep people and their ideas in your mind without being affected by it.

Your only safeguard against other people’s infiltration of your space is the act of consistently living your authentic self.

When you listen to the words of others and what they say seems to make sense, but still some things just don’t add up… Trust your inner self and it’s ability to calculate hidden figures. The agenda of others should not take you by surprise or derail your goals and dreams. Stay vigilant, Not distrustful but vigilant. In other words- Guard Your Heart and Tend Your Mind.

People will rewrite your words and sell it back to you. They will borrow your song and sing it back to you. They will appropriate your story and subfranchise it to others. Let them do their best. There is nothing new under the sun anyway. You may have borrowed an idea or two too. Cite your sources and speak with integrity. Keep refreshing your soul with the truth you know. There is absolutely no way for anyone to steal your soul. MW AH Michael Holgate