unrepentant self-worth

Keep annoying people with your unbridled, unrepentant high opinion of yourself. There is nothing more annoying to people than when you won’t fit into the neatly prescribed position they have placed you in… for life. ‘Projection’ is the name of the game in human relations that don’t exercise clarity. Your job is to get clarity for who you are and want to be. That is nobody else’s responsibility in your life. Don’t allow anyone to project their own fears, doubts, insecurities, jealousies or disempowerment onto your life.

People who are doubtful of themselves, come well armed with arguments as to why you won’t accomplish what you say you want. Stop saying it to THEM.

People who want what you have, are particularly strong at insisting you don’t deserve it- by pretending it doesn’t deserve you. Stop letting THEM determine your self worth or the worth of what you want in your life.

People with no moral authority to stand on, try to school you with judgments on your behaviour. Stop giving THEM decision-making power or rent free space in your mind.

People who want you to stay a particular way in THEIR life, will jokingly tease you with things that reinforce your negative self image, or self concepts you are working to rise out of. Don’t find them funny and don’t pretend to. Don’t exchange a high and positive opinion of who you can BE for anyone else’s low opinion of you. Don’t allow anyone to project their low opinion of themselves unto you.

Face facts. People can only see you through their own eyes. But not just their eyes… because it is not the eyes that perceives. It is really the brain that sees and the mind makes a decision about what it sees. If people have made up their minds about you, their eyes tend to reflect that decision unless and until you shock them or jar them out of their general way of perceiving you. Sometimes all it takes is for you to say “no” or “I disagree…” BUT sometimes it takes much more than that. Sometimes it takes a forceful silence….or a disconnection from the person who refuses to see you in the high seat you want to be in.

But whatever it takes… do it. If you allow anyone to keep you from seeing yourself as highly or as good as you want to be, YOU have given them the power to kill your dream and stall your success. It doesn’t matter who it is. If YOU cannot see it then YOU cannot BE it.

If you have ever watched a vampire show you know that vampires need permission from you to come into your house. Same thing goes for those psychic vampires, dream killers and joy thieves. They need your permission.

Anyone outside of you needs permission from you in order to keep you from accomplishing any dream or goal or desire. Don’t give it. Don’t give away your power. Don’t let someone else’s judgments derail you. For some people that is all the power they have. If you deprive them of that power over you then you have done the world a service.

Every big dream brought to the world is a blessing to us all… a blessing to life itself. I am standing for you and your dream of greatness. I am standing for your joy. Stand with me. Keep annoying people with your unbridled, unrepentant high opinion of yourself. MW AH Michael Holgate