Being a Victim is Easy

It is so easy to think, feel and act like a victim. And yet in spite of it being the antithesis of empowerment we secretly feel powerful when we are playing the victim role- without even being aware that it’s a role and that we are choosing to play… My- what a lot of attention and energy We can get from people when we play victim (And my-my-my how we mistake that negatively manipulated energy and attention for power). How easy it is to play the role that the world is against you and you’re at the bottom of a system stacked against you.
We are not even aware that there is power in our choosing to play the game of powerlessness. Even in that we have power. But the empowered way is to choose to play confident, strong, enlightened, joyous, wise, centred and aligned with core principles- EMPOWERED.
You’re already there if you can just believe it. You don’t have to force empowerment. You have all you need within you to be empowered. You must just choose to ACT empowered. The decision to act from that space comes from your clarity about who you are, your sense of responsibility and then the courage to do and be who you say you are will flow more naturally. Nobody gets up every morning and claims “I am a Victim,” but many of us wake each morning and act the part. And therefore, that’s who we are.
Empowerment is your right. Empowerment is YOU acting as the highest version of yourself in every moment. Feel it and enjoy it… There really is no security in words like Empowerment, only in knowing and acting, as a function of decision and feeling.
You don’t get to knowing by disbelieving and fearing and detailing your troubles and woes and sharing how set-upon you are by the world.
Focus on what you want and watch that expand… Not the lack thereof. Focus on your empowerment not your victimhood.
People say things to satisfy their ego concepts… they lie on themselves all the while. Stop telling the lie that you were powerless in your interactions with other people. There is always a way. There is always a more empowered way. Better Results are always possible. Claim them now. MW AH Michael Holgate