Do it for yourself first

Never expect people to go further and do more for you than you are willing to do for yourself. This simply means you must do the work and also do the play or play the game. Call it what you Will, this life journey only comes alive when you do. The magic arrives when you wake up to it in yourself. The transformation that a caterpillar goes through to become a butterfly may seem automatic but … there is some activity required by that caterpillar. It is called faith. Don’t forget that the caterpillar dies to become that butterfly. It willingly spins itself into a cocoon and becomes a gooey mess of unrecognizable stuff so that it can stop crawling around and instead produce wings and fly.
What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world, faith sees as flight. There is something in the caterpillar that wants the beautiful flight at the end of the journey. How about you?
Truthfully you are going through a transformation right now, but to what…? In what direction are you sending your life? What kind of consciousness are you wrapping yourself into right now. What kind of a cocoon are you building around you? What ideas; thoughts; feelings; energies; spirit; emotions; senses are you ‘cocoon-ing’ into a new being right now? What IS the nature of that cocoon you are in? What are you transforming into each night when you go to bed? How are you reborn each morning when you awake? Are you flying yet?
C’mon now. Fix your cocoon. You are more than a caterpillar. You are More than a butterfly. You have that power of choice. Your cocoon can happen any second of the day and every second of the night. Seed your consciousness with the energy of what you would become. Wrap that cocoon around yourself a thought at a time…action to action… belief by belief. Keep thinking those thoughts (only those thoughts) that reinforce your highest possible evolution now. leave the negative emotions that are not serving you. Evolve to that new space where you recognise your emotions as magic. They can either become wings and give you flight or be the chains that hold you captive at night. Don’t wait. Do it today. Do it now. DIE to the old and be born anew. Transform your life to the highest version of you. MW AH Michael Holgate