Don’t fight for your weaknesses

Fight for your growth. Don’t fight to keep your weaknesses. Don’t work against the opportunities that life sends you to grow. It’s not only the niceties of life that should have your focus. When things you DONT want to happen do occur, focus your transformative powers on them- by tapping into what you DO want to occur.
Keep refining yourself. When circumstances are clearly telling you that there are things to work on in your life, don’t turn away. If you turn away from the challenge; or run away from confronting your demons; or try to escape the stress of completion; or ignore intuition and warning signs of danger; or take no action in the face of guidance that is calling you to overcome or rise- you are defeating your own self.
The calling or dream that pulls you into being is equipping you with every experience. If you dont recognise that however, you may feel like life is challenging or pushing you in unnecessary directions or simply beating you down. But you must choose to rise. In fact choose not to go down. Choose to see that life is helping You get clarity and find your process. Choose to love yourself through this learning of processes that transform your life. You must also choose to do what you know. Do the soul work and do the physical work that needs to get done. There is no value in just knowing. You need to do something. No sitting back and doing nothing while still expecting success in the wee hours.
Your success is waiting on you to spurn mediocrity and embrace excellence. Your success is waiting on you to scorch out the self-saboteur in your soul and choose self-love, self-acceptance and self-care. Your success is waiting on you commit and do what you say you will do. Your success is waiting on you to fight for your blessings and fight for your growth, not defend your inefficiencies. Don’t defend your errors and definitely don’t repeat them. That is disrespect to your soul.
It doesn’t matter how many times you have done something and failed at it. Keep doing the things your soul calls you to do. Just see failure as incompletion enroute to your successes. I don’t mean that you Should keep flogging a dead horse. But if your soul calls you to keep going and it feels lifted up, then the horse is likely not dead. Some people enter a relationship and it doesn’t work and they think relationships are a bad thing. NO- THAT relationship was a bad thing… But it was also preparing you for more clarity on what you want. If you dont choose that growth opportunity however you will have squandered your investment. The right idea with the wrong person is torture. Sometimes it is sweet torture but self inficted torture nevertheless because you will be scraping the insides of your soul to surgically remove something which is not good for now but perfect for later. YOU must know when something or someone is right for you. Don’t destroy the template that defines you just because you are not yet in synch with the purpose or person for which or whom you have come. Keep tuning up yourself. Keep refining yourself. Keep fighting to be better. Never settle in your deficiencies. MW AH Michael Holgate