Emotional prisons

For a peaceful life- we bypass many errors.
For a peaceful life we do things that create internal war, stress and strife in our inner world.
All too often we allow people to get away with murder, for a peaceful life. Whose peace?
All too often we allow ourselves to be manipulated by people’s energies because we know what they would rather have happen. Sometimes we don’t do the best thing or the right thing because we are afraid it will cause conflict. And so we avoid external conflict by sidestepping our own sense of responsibility or rightness. This does not end well… at least not often.
People hold us hostage by their attitudes and energies and behaviours. We are not tied or chained but the shackles are real. The prison is real and it is much harder to escape because it is constructed of MIND stuff- the very stuff of the place from which we think and make decisions.
Self imprisonment to other peoples energies… or being held hostage by other people’s attitudes and behaviours starts with a choice to give-in to them in spite of our own beliefs about what would work best in the situation. Now, this giving-in is not simply about a compromise. Empowered people make compromises all the time. They are useful and a strategic compromise can often yield greater results in the long run. IF however, you yield your point of view out of Fear of how someone will act or react; or not wanting to lose a friend; or wanting to be liked- you have initiated the ‘Trojan Horse Effect.’ You have opened your ‘gates’ to a seemingly innocent thing, not knowing the destructive monster it carries in its bowels. Once you have started on this path, those fearful compromises will imprison you. The person now ‘has You.’ The person now has a strategic path to the operational centre of your mind. That person can choose to manipulate you again because they have been allowed into your inner decision making power centre.
So what do we do instead… fight a war everyday? No need to. Just stand firm. Be vigilant. Yes you may have to defend your territory somewhat at first until people come to know and understand your boundaries and the outer walls of your territory. But then it gets easier. That first step will take courage though.
Be vigilant! Don’t allow Trojan Horses through your gates. Don’t allow yourself to make compromises based on fear. Examine every aspect of a compromise you are thinking of making. Self imprisonment is no fun.
When we aren’t aware that our energies are wrapped up in being prisoner to other peoples energies, there is no win for us. If you are a person who can be held as emotional hostage in one way, you are a person who can be held emotional hostage … PERIOD. It’s a slippery slope. MW AH Michael Holgate