For such a time as this

For such a time as this have you come. But you must find the courage, wisdom and will to transform the world. You didn’t come forth just to enjoy a world that needs nothing. That would be so boring. No. You have been gifted with some unique qualities, talents and capacities that if you tap into them you could transform the world. The magic is in you. The magic is you. You are the one you have been waiting for. You are the one we have all been waiting for. If you take one spoke from the wheel then it is no longer the wheel it was before. You have value and a purpose and a passion… all too often you just don’t have a plan.
Your life needs a premise. Books need premises, debates and essays and plays and movies all need a premise in order to make them make sense to themselves and to the world. The premise is a unifying concept around which Your thoughts, feelings, words, actions and reactions can bring forth a consistent and well developed manifestation. Your Life Premise is that uniquely focused intention that ties your passion, principles, beliefs, goals into a kind of Soul Code that is as unrepeatable as your fingerprint. Your life premise cannot be imitated But it can be ignored. Don’t ignore yours. Many of us spend our entire lifetime searching for meaning without understanding that we must create it.
Meaning is created by us, not delivered to us. Our life premise is not something special out there waiting for us to finally see it. It’s some thing in here like putty or clay or dough in our souls waiting to be shaped into the real magic of your life. Go do some real magic today. Transform your world. MW AH Michael Holgate