Human Rights & Wrongs in JA

Human rights activists must not only protect Human Wrong doers… if you only bounce high in the air to be seen when the police seeks to accost a bad man but lay low when young girls are raped- you are part of the problem.
If you dont recognise and understand that investment in and development of cultural interventions to tackle social issues is a powerful tool, you are part of the problem. If you are only seeing and using culture as an entertainment vehicle every now and then at a function to get a clap or two you are part of the problem.
Churches that preach, teach and March against homosexuality on the pretext of defending the ‘man-made’ state of marriage, can’t just sit still while the murder rate climbs as a result of man-made guns. In other words, if your Moralizing takes the place of balance and wisdom and human decency You are part of the problem.
Women who wash the blood off clothes of ‘gunmen family members’ or turn an active eye to watch and enjoy their ill-gotten spoils of murder can’t then in good conscience cry bloody murder at police when they see these very same family members covered in their own blood on the streets. You are part of the problem.
Politicians can’t create deliberate tribal war zones of hopelessness, breeding a licky-licky consciousness through handouts and political payments for turning up to do your civic duty- VOTE.. and then act confused when said communities distrust your corrupt system and create their own inner province and principalities within their communities- with its own head man, soldiers, lawmakers… You have failed. You are part of the problem.
Educators cannot sit and teach black kids about European History, then teach them a thing called West Indian history that starts in slavery without reflecting on the philosophies of Garvey, Rasta, Marley, – and watch the flood of Commercialized TV shows into the minds of our people AND THEN complain about people bleaching their skins. You are part of the problem.
The justice arm of the society can’t step into battle-worn communities with guns blazing and no cultural and social strategies for the fallout and expect the lowering of crime. That’s like seeing a fire blazing in the kitchen of your house and rushing in with gasoline to just let the kitchen burn out so you can start afresh… forgetting that the kitchen is the house. It is part of the body. Every arm or leg is part of the body. You can’t only use machete and wakka in a Garden. A Garden must be cultivated not murdered into beauty. You are part of the problem.
If you do nothing you are part of the problem. If you see what needs to be said and say nothing you are part of the problem. If you see a basic first step and you don’t take it you are part of the problem. If you have the ears of people in power and you watch them implode with the cancer of self-interest and false electioneering while the nation self destructs, you are part of the problem. If you dont do all you can within your power and within your talent base and within your knowledge base YOU are the problem. Your fear and actions taken in fear and inaction because of fear cannot protect you. Fear cannot lead to love or growth or development. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Following fear cannot keep you alive. Yes fear can lead to power but even power is powerless in the face of active and engaged citizens with truth and love as their banner. MW AH Michael Holgate