Know When to GO

“Tek weh yuhself in Faith.”

Know when to go. Choose the space that you want to occupy in your life and GO THERE. Leave the space that no longer serves or fulfills you behind. This doesn’t mean leave people behind. It means you should leave certain mindsets and states of consciousness behind. Leave poverty consciousness; lack consciousness; fear consciousness; doubt consciousness BEHIND you.
This does not mean you should prematurely abandon what is good in your life or leave what is working and growing before it ripens. It simply means Know When To Go… which presupposes that you know when you should stay and keep on fighting or working or simply believing.
The important part of the statement on ‘knowing when to go’ is that your going is not always about leaving the physical space. Sometimes in order to ‘know when to go’ you must wisely keep your legs and your mouth quiet while you take your mind somewhere else.
Not every moment needs trumpets and an announcement. As we Jamaicans say… sometimes you can “Tek weh yuhself”- or take yourself away from the space that is no longer growing your spirit. You don’t fight or complain but you do elevate your consciousness. You climb a mountaintop internally. You still observe what is happening around you but you dont ‘live’ there. You ‘keep your mind stayed on’ the greater place where you choose to be and therefore attract it like a magnet. You line up with what is coming. You get into the flow of that new space and don’t focus on where you haven’t left yet. You don’t allow your mind to turn into that pillar of salt. You allow your mind, body and spirit to be aligned with the reality that has not yet occurred and in so doing you are like a magician creating your world with nothing but mind magic. And that is powerful. But you will never know until you just do it.
When you can so consistently focus your mind energy with images and sensory details not yet present and with emotional responses to what is not yet real- then you have faith. THAT is what is meant by the “evidence of things not seen.” Believing before the manifestation is faith and it has a process. Use it. Here is goes again… because some a y’all missed it:
1. Focus your MIND energy
2. Use your imagination to create images that represent where you want or intend to be as if you really are there NOW.
3. refine those images with all possible sensory details… sight, smells, sounds, touch, taste details as applicable
4. Add the emotion you would feel if that thing was really happening NOW… react live in the moment to this imaginary exploration of your new world.
5. Do this consistently and often. LIVE THERE.
Of course I didn’t say it happens right away… because it still needs your consent which is only given as a function of what you can believe is acceptable in your world for someone like you- specifically you. In clearer terms it comes down to what you can feel worthy of.
Sometimes things happen and we blame fate and we no longer want to be in a certain space but we feel powerless in the face of it all. We say it was meant to happen and this is fate. Well look at it this way: see Fate as FAITH in your own power to create. It is going to happen as you believe. It is done on to you as you choose to believe. Belief kills and cures. Believe UP. Take away yourself from where you are now and mentally go where you ought to be. And it will happen as you believe. MW AH Michael Holgate