Mission to Love Yourself

The mission to love yourself can be very misleading in practice… because people tend to believe that the person they need to love is the one they can see in the mirror. That person u have seen everyday for all your life… starting with the Man in the Mirror… right?
And yet… When you are imagining the embarrassments and hurts and pains you have experienced and trying to get over them… you are not associating them with a face? Instead it’s much more likely that you are referencing that bundle of energy somewhere between your mind and emotions and thoughts.. THAT’S what you are really working with. That’s the ‘who’ that needs to be transformed… And that part of you can’t be seen in any mirror. Your essential being and self is non-physical.
If you could only recognise yourself as that spiritual energy -that non-physical thing- moving through this world of effects and creating magic, you would see how ridiculous it is to hold on to hurts and emotional pain caused by others. Where are you holding it? And if you could really see it what would it be.
So many of us as spiritual beings are moving around with bits and pieces or fractured glass thoughts and toxic gas emotion clouds and foul smelling mental waste material tied up in our essential being. What good is that to you? Let it all go. Live free. Live the life of wholesome prosperity, health and beauty you were meant to live. Live the life that is not caught up in the webs and traps of this physical world but instead LIVE as that magic electrical atmospheric mass of intelligence, guiding a body that holds limited consciousness in a cup of senses. Free who you really are (with ongoing forgiveness and non stop contemplation of love) so that this body temple that represents you in the world can shine like the sun. MW AH Michael Holgate