Pearls before swine

Cast not your pearls before swine. What an awful but useful and true recommendation. It seems so harsh though… and is often used to throw a word or two of disdain in a revengeful kind of WAY.
But what if we said it in a different way? Don’t give $5000 notes to 2 year old babies. In other words, use WISDOM.
Be conscious of your investment. And that means know when and where to apply yourself and give of the greatest resources of your mind and energy and talents.
Also, know when to quit. And know that you don’t ever have to quit any thing forever. Move with your concepts until you find the right vessels and outlet and fit for expression. Know when to let go and run in the opposite direction or a side direction that is more appropriate.
Everything need not be made into a war. Battles are won with constant giving and receiving of painful blows. Wars are won with strategy. People can’t fight what they can’t see. It’s what won the war for the maroons in their fight for independence. It’s what won the war for the Americans against the British in their fight for independence. Likewise, you can and will win not by showing up daily on the battlefield and drumming and showing your colours. You have nothing to gain by pushing and pushing a boulder uphill like Sisyphus. Learn and apply the strategy of advance and retreat. Be like water and find the ways that are accessible and work. There are no special awards for fighting a loud battle in a space that will not serve anyone even if you win.
Remove yourself from the equation if that’s what is necessary for your continued growth and development. Never fear that you are losing out when you step back or retreat to a place of power in your soul. Look at the tide. It retreats and advances with consistency and nothing erodes the land with as much certainty. Life is strategic advance and withdrawal. Undue pressure serves no one. Not even you. You cannot force progress. It either flows to you and with you like water or it is not progress…at least not for You. You cannot force people to grow. You cannot force anything to grow. Everything has its season.
Whenever you feel tempted to force other people and their systems to grow, turn your eye inward. Look at self. Grow up and grow in and grow out. Something good is likely happening in your soul. Allow it. And don’t think you are allowing it by trying to force anything outside of you. Allow that seed in you to germinate. Allow that fruit to ripen. It ripens for you. Get yourself ready. Let your ideas and energy and thoughts and feelings expand inside of you. When you are truly ready you will be unmissable and powerfully attractive to the blessing you prepared for.
When you are feeling the squeeze it probably means you are force-fitting yourself into shoes that are not yours to fill. Your right fit awaits if you can be patient. Not just waiting but doing the work on the inside. On the outside the cocoon looks like nothing is happening but the caterpillar is becoming a butterfly.
There is always something you can be doing other than force-fitting. There is always somewhere else to cast your Mental-spiritual pearls. And definitely stop giving away your emotional pearls. And I’m not talking about love here. I mean your anger pearls. Why throw them at anyone anywhere? Put them in a glass case called ‘remember when I didn’t know better.’
There is always a better spend for the resources that you are. Continually create that magic within. The work is always within. The work is always upon the self. MW AH Michael Holgate