Prisoner within

Many of us spend too much time living like prisoners of our own making- never giving ourselves permission to be fulfilled. We feel guilty to like what we like or want what we want. We often feel embarrassed or fearful when the very successes we sought has found us. That is the recipe for unhappiness, failure and disappointment. All too often, we tune our lives to: reject feeling good about good things; pay attention to what we don’t want to happen; expect bad things as a means of preventing disappointment; practicing habits that send us in the opposite direction from where we want to be. This is a flawed way of approaching the fulfilling life we seek. It yields results, opposite to what we desire.
When you know what gives you life, own it. Whatever brings you joy, claim it. Whatever lifts your spirit, lift it up in your life. What excites you, enjoy it. Whatever supports you, bless it. You can have it all, but not always at the same time, unless you are: clear enough about the life you want; responsible enough for all that you are; and courageous enough to stand in your truths and speak up for them. Whatever you do, know that the quality of life you live is determined by what you say yes to. It is also determined by what you say no to and let go of. But most importantly, it is determined by the passions, premises and principles by which you live your life. You can empower yourself and make a transformative shift in your life by tapping-in to a process or system of self-reflection; effective decision making strategies; empowering daily practices; personal people management tactics and spirit-mind ‘life-hacks’ for problem areas or challenges that arise in your life. With some conscious thought, you can write a code for your soul that empowers you to become the highest version of yourself and feel fully alive now. In fact, it would be the best thing you ever did for yourself. MW AH Michael Holgate