Self Sabotage

Self-Sabotage is a subconscious attempt to prevent something bad from happening by suppressing something that is potentially good, because they share a similar activity.
Self-Sabotage happens when you have developed a habit, to protect yourself from experiencing negative emotion by suppressing everything that could possibly be associated with that negative emotion- even positive outcomes and positive emotions.
(*Warning- really long sentence here*)
Self-Sabotage is the act of killing your own dreams bit by bit because of your unwillingness to challenge ‘the way you have always been’ and choose a new attitude towards life, not recognising that ‘the way you have always been’ is a falsehood and a lie born out of an earlier adjustment and compromise to defend a way of being that you were too lazy to do some real work to shift out of.
Self-Sabotage is a pattern of behaviour that you have started defending even though it consistently produces negative results and backlash from others.
Self-Sabotage is pairing a virtue (or good attitude) you have with a vice (or bad attitude) you have and lying to yourself that you need one to keep the other in check- e.g.. pairing your strong sense of purpose with your rudeness to others; your courage with insensitivity; your good sense of timing with a disregard for other people’s time.
Even when it doesn’t seem like these self sabotaging strategies are hurting you now, they will in the long run because -you cannot keep on breaking down the machinery of your relationship to self and others; communication with others; trust for self and others – and expect time to bring you joy, happiness and success. Money comes to anyone who has a money consciousness- but don’t equate money with joy or happiness or success. You simply cannot buy success. If you have money and live in a house of cards, lies, deception, pain- you are not successful.
Undo self sabotage now while you still can. Do it before it becomes WHO YOU ARE.
MW AH Michael Holgate