Ten traits of Empowered People

Ten interesting traits I have observed in people I consider empowered:
1. They have a career that sends them into FLOW – they tend to love what they do and do it well.
2. They spend more time ‘bigging people up’ and act almost embarrassed and apologetic if they embarrass someone or have a laugh at another’s expense.
3. They hold unconventional ideas that might not synch well with their social circles but their friends and acquaintances love them for those little quirks instead of ostracising them. I mean…how do you ostracize someone so secure in their own skin.
4. No one in the outside world is their primary reference for self acceptance. They are self-accepted and ‘self-refereed’
5. They both laugh and cry easily. They are emotionally active.
6. They are not addicted to guilt. It is their least favourite emotion and they tend to replace it quickly with other emotions.
7. They apologise easily and maybe too much…not seeming to care that much if they lose credibility at being seen as wrong so often.
8. They think outside the box so often that their regular conversations seamlessly mix theology with conspiracy theories and politics and any other topic really…their intellect is creatively borderless whatever field they are in.
9. They are open to paradox and often comfortable with voicing seemingly contradictory ideas at the same time…and I don’t just mean all people who read the Bible.
10. They take education very seriously, especially when it’s not formal. Learning is their favourite past time. The University of Google is never frowned on although Wikipedia is heavily supplemented with other source materials.
This is A repost from over a year ago.
MW AH Michael Holgate