Trust your SELF

There is great wisdom in you…in us all. Listen to yourself. Make a practice of trusting and listening to yourself more, and more wisdom will come through you.
People will tell you that you can’t trust yourself until you have got the qualifications to do it. They will tell you that you have no right to speak on certain issues until you have got copious amounts of information from others. They will tell you that you must shut up until someone gives you permission to speak. Ignore all of that. Choose your mentors, coaches and friends deliberately- not by accident. Not everyone who is choosing to share or speak into your life is qualified. Don’t ‘qualify’ people by giving them a listening ear.
In the world of people looking on in YOUR life, their own negative emotions are often packaged as a virtue or valuable recommendation or well-intentioned rebukes…
Their ‘Jealousy’ can become righteous indignation aimed at you- but read it right and you often see that the person is saying “how dare you do that? …When I never had the courage to do that…although I wanted to?!”
Their ‘Embarrassment’ can be sold to you as- your errors – when sometimes what they are really saying is “I’m so uncomfortable with that certain aspect of myself that when I see it reflected in you I want to shut it down so that I no longer remember that aspect of myself.”
It’s unfair, but that’s often how it is. AND it’s only unfair IF you ALLOW it to happen. YOU must be the guardian of your own experience, thoughts, feelings, MIND and world. No one has a right to inject themselves into your head space. So you must not rely on people to do what is right for you. That is not THEIR responsibility. It is YOURS.
Sometimes people’s conscience and inner justice system kicks in and tells them that when they gossipped about you or told that lie on you or revealed your secrets it was wrong… so they confront, NOT THEMSELVES, but YOU. I mean- how dare you put them in that position? People can stand in front of you and try to make you feel bad or guilty for their attempt to discredit or ridicule you. We justify ourselves so that we can live with ourselves. But who are THOSE people who operate like that? They are US. They are you and me. These things we ALL do. So don’t stand in judgment of the ‘others’ out there. Yes, this this message is to protect you from others… but it’s also to protect others from you… and me. Guard your heart, your Mind, your soul. MW AH Michael Holgate