When you love someone

When you love someone Give them wings. Let them fly. Don’t allow anyone to settle under your wings. Their comfort is your divine discomfort. When you love people you dont even have to set them free. They feel the freedom built into your love. When you love people, you teach them that self love is the starting place of love because you can’t give what you don’t have. When you love people They know that love is an active concept within your soul. They know that it is a gift that you are sharing with them from an over-full reservoir that you have found in yourself. When you love people they know how it feels to be cared for. If they choose not to recognise it as love they still know you care on a cellular level because when you love soneone you can’t own them but you must see to their needs once you are able to. You have no choice. Love will not allow you to Not-care. That is anithetical to love.
When you love someone They know that you are really just launch pads for each other to fly far and high. It is beautiful when loved ones fly with you and like birds moving together though the skies you feel each other’s every shift and make incremental adjustments so that your bodies become one because your minds and souls are in synch. When you love someone you become them and they become you. So Choose love wisely. Don’t fall into it. Fairytale surrender to emotional neediness of someone who seems to have all you think you lack, does not heal you or keep you whole.
Love yourself deeply and passionately and become a magnet for someone who will love you the same way. If you have to be begging and pleading or convincing or running down love you are not in love. You are in trouble.
You might even be in passion but that is not enough to sustain you. Love is your medicine. Love is your wake up pill. Love feeds the places in you that you never knew were hungry until a wave of contentment settles in your soul. Love argues back with You, not out of spite or need to be right. Love argues for you to be better than you are right now. Love will not allow you to shrink. And if you insist on shrinking, love will not shrink with you. It will rise to a place high enough to inspire you and just within reach of your decision to be that highest version of self. Love has an open door policy. It is accessible even though when you step through the door you wont always hear what you want to hear. Love does not tell lies to keep you happy. It tells the truth to keep you in joy. There is no joy without growth. Love knows that. Love knows all this and more. MW AH Michael Holgate