You can’t fake empowerment

You can’t fake empowerment. It shows. It shows up as your life experiences. It’s not the bad things that happen to you that you should focus on. That’s just a call for empowerment. Answer the call. Focus on you.
Take your personal development into your own hands. Help your self to lessons of truth, life and livity. Don’t just sit down and be a victim or curse the system. Choose empowerment. Move completely out of the victim mindset. It is neither attractive nor healthy nor useful… but it is oh so persistent because it is easier.
The victim mindset is easier because you give away your responsibility. It’s always easier to just blame someone else. When something good is not happening it’s easy to blame those who good things are happening to, when what we really should do is learn from them. When something bad is happening, it’s easier to blame the person who is directly in front of us without questioning if and how we put ourselves in harm’s way. And when we are the ones at fault, it’s always easier to just say “some devil made me do it.” Empowerment requires that we ask ourselves the difficult questions, so that we learn and grow though a lesson and never repeat it. That only happens when we take responsibility for our lives. The moment you start taking responsibikity is the moment you start eliminating the victim mindset. Try it today. Anything and everything that happens, good or bad- just start taking responsibility. Watch and feel as your life starts to transform. MW AH Michael Holgate