Escape the Quicksand of Your Mind

You gain nothing when you allow the experience with any one person to stop you from trusting. You gain Nothing when you write your ‘life code’ based on the premise of what hasn’t worked with one person or even with ten persons. Write YOUR life code based on the experiences of goodness in your soul.

Powerfully negative experiences create powerful memories and these sometimes stamp our consciousness with a belief in the inevitability of failure, distress, pain and emotional turmoil. Don’t buy into that at all. Write a new premise. Dont create your life story on the premise of disaster or it’s after effects. Enough good has happened in the world and in your soul. I daresay more good than bad has happened in the world. Turn your eyes away from seeking reminders of the injustices of the world. When you see bad things, fix them, heal the world but don’t dwell there or you will be part of the problem.

You can’t help someone out of the quicksand that you are also IN. Take yourself out of there… not foot first but mind first. MINDFULLY escape the quicksand of negative thinking and emotional turmoil. You are more than the sum of your parts and your mind is much more than the sum of the bad experiences you have had. So don’t let that cloud of unwanted experiences condense, storm and hurricane through your world. Something better is always possible. You have to see it. MW AH Michael Holgate