Write YOUR story

People hardly ever tell the full story. And Anyway, who really has time to listen? But everybody has a story. And some part of you is in the story of everyone you have ever encountered. You cannot write their story but you can write yours. You cannot write your self in other people’s story because everybody’s story has one main protagonist and that is decided by the person who is writing it. You won’t always look pretty in other people’s story but don’t feel ugly because someone else’s story writes you in an unflattering way. Don’t feel small because someone else’s story about you is half-baked. Don’t feel insignificant because someone out there is blind to your virtues. Don’t feel guilty because someone has written you into their story as a villain and claimed themselves a victim. Dont make yourself disappear because someone has written a story where their flaws are hidden and yours are greatly expanded. WRITE YOUR STORY. And keep on writing your story. WRITE the story you want to write. Keep on writing a story of a greater and more expanded vision of a higher version of YOU UNLIMITED. Let the storyteller in you plant a seed that reflects the greatness you are becoming. Stop reading stories that write you down in a corner. WRITE you UP and Flying. MW AH Michael Holgate