Tame YOUR emotional BEAST

Empowerment is a game of INTENT. Empowerment is not accidental. We are born with differing degrees of empowerment but hardly anyone is born with a level of empowerment that can take them straight through life. We learn different strategies and techniques throughout our lives that empower us. Not all of us want to call it strategies but that’s what they are. They are the methods you use to get to your preferred, beneficial state of being. Ensure that these methods are truly serving you, and not just coping mechanisms that you created earlier in your life to compensate for challenges or problems – and then made them into your default setting. We do this with ourselves often. We create habits that are not in line with who we want to be and in fact completely disempower and sabotage us. We do it at work; at school; with friends; in relationships; any and everywhere. We become ‘Self-Defeating by Default.’ BUT we can defeat that behaviour with self-reflective strategies and techniques of intent.

One such strategy is to watch for the negative games YOU play and then annihilate and destroy them mercilessly before they destroy you. Interestingly, we play negative games because we want to grow past the negative. It makes no sense in truth but we often make unreasonable and irrational things make sense from our space of emotional neediness. Our emotions are like a hungry pet that can never be satisfied. The more it is fed, the bigger it gets and the more it wants. And so we play more and more games to feed this beast.

We MUST tame the beast. We can’t kill it because IT is US. BUT we can tame it because IT is US. We must discipline our minds.

We must examine ourselves and stop playing negative emotion games with ourselves and others. Let’s quickly explore the fallout of these negative emotion games we play:

Your fear games destroy your peace of mind.
Your doubt games destroy your faith.
Your shame games destroy your courage.
Your guilt games destroy your sanity and health.
When you play these negative emotion games you find yourself doing things that immediately send a ‘disconnect’ signal to your soul. You just don’t feel good. In order to play these kind of games your tools are subconscious vices and habits such as lying; procrastination; avoiding people; playing small; giving up… AND giving away your power.

Play better games. Play love games. Play peace games. Play the EMPOWERMENT GAME. It is a game of intent that you tap into deliberately. You know when you are not acting in an empowered way. You may not call it Empowerment, but you know when you are not acting or operating from a space of power in your life. You know when you feel more like a victim or a pawn in someone else’s game. You know when it seems like things are just happening to you and you have no control. When you feel that way, re-examine the emotions you have been feeding in your life and choose to address the situation.

Pets must be fed or they will die, just like plants must be watered. That disempowered way of being that you water with your negative emotions without thinking that it has adverse effects will come back to haunt you. You may not see the immediate effects now but if you persist in engaging and feeding your negative ways of being because you think it’s cute or because you find it a useful self defense mechanism or you can’t be bothered to explore other more positive ways of being- you will reap the effects of what you sow. If you raise a baby crocodile and feed him daily he will soon be big enough to do serious damage to your home. He won’t necessarily do so because he wants to hurt you but that’s just the nature of the beast. His body is too long and tail can’t be controlled. His teeth are sharp and he wants to eat raw meat. Yes this is graphic but get the point. Stop feeding your negative emotions and creating a monster. The monster becomes you. Starve that beast. Become a higher and better version of SELF by feeding the good feeling emotions that support development for you and others. Its not always easy but always necessary.